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Prince Eric by Nippy13
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The piece overall appears to been executed and created with absolute perfection. The attire in the presentation is a perfect match to t...

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Now before anyone goes overboard and says "ALPHA-90152" stole something from so-and-so, I want to clear something up. Any character, setting and items created by everyone other than me is owned by their respective owners. Since I may not be employed nor endorsed by these companies or people yet, their properties are being used without permission for fan-fiction, fan-game and parody purposes under fair usage rights.

As the original writer of such fan-fiction and fan game designs as well as parodies all new ideas are completely original works and such ideas that I have used to commission artists are also my own.

Now after reading this segment, anybody who attempts to troll me over my work, tries to spam on my stuff or files false claims on my stuff have proven themselves to be complete idiots who love to insinuate online beefs and drama in which I refuse to waste my time for. Thank you.

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I had to cancel the fundraiser due to lack of support. Maybe I should post the logos for my YouTube channels into my gallery sometime this week. I'm sorry for letting everyone down due to the fact that I was the only one was willing to contribute funds towards O-152 Studios.
Main Locations

Tramea - Central Boletaria/Capital City of Boletaria: The city itself has a futuristic overall motif; however the city itself is comprised of 14 districts and is home to Boletaria University, the country's main higher education facility as well as the heart of Boletaria's Government. The Children of Lucifer cult, the Eastside Riderz and the Southern Terrance Cobras street gang considers several districts of the capital city to be the base of their operations, but unbeknownst to them the Crusader's Guild of mercenaries has made the city's suburbs as their headquarters.
Districts: Downtown Tramea, Royal Township, Crusader’s Square, Merchant's Hangout, Tramea Mall Outskirts, Rootwood, Rootwood Hills, West Rootwood, Downtown Rootwood, Regalian Hills, Nobelia, Troshaw, Renton, Natts, Atlantic Bluffs, Eastwood, Echo Park Lake, East Tramea, El Torino Heights, Cortez Heights, Caana, Latria Island

Neo-Atlantis - Southern Boletaria/Tourist and Vacation Capital of Boletaria: The city has a focus on attracting tourists from other countries with their various resorts, casinos, shopping malls, and signature aquarium despite their futuristic motif and similarity to the lost city of Atlantis itself. However, the Southern Terrance Cobras street gang, Feichi Long triads, Los Cuveros cartel, and the Oda no Shinson yakuza have begun to start up illegal activities behind the scenes of this tourist town.
Districts: Neptune Resort, Neptune Beach, Neptune Marina and Harbor, Boletarian Museum, Tritonian Aquarium, Poseidonian Palace Grounds, Gambler’s Bay, Festival Town, Anita del Sol

Yu Jingcheng - Southeastern Boletaria/Boletaria's Chinatown: Inspired by the cities of both Shanghai and Hong Kong, Yu Jingcheng is considered to have to most Chinese influence in Boletarian architecture. In special occasions the people of the city would hold festivals celebrating various Chinese holidays. Like the cities in China, the city is home to a gang of triads called the Feichi Long who has control of the town's underworld activities and a majority of the town. (The people in this city mainly communicates in Chinese dialects despite having English as a secondary language)
Districts: Xin Shanghai, Nanjiao, Zhongxin Didai, and Zhousi Dun Xhen

Hana Shihon - Eastern Boletaria/Boletaria's Japanese Metropolis: Inspired by the cities of Japan such as Tokyo and Kyoto. There are also several areas based on the Edo period Japanese buildings and natural attractions such as a cherry blossom forest and a hot spring resort. Like the people of Yu Jingcheng, the people of the city hold various festivals and Japanese holiday celebrations. However a yakuza gang known as the Oda no Shinson has been involved in illegal activities within the majority of the city. (The people mainly speak in Japanese dialects in spite of allowing English as a second language.)
Districts: Shihon-To, Sakura-Machi, Sakura-Mori, Hogo-sha no Machi, Mayonaka no Toshi, Matsuri no Mura

Gaian Wilderness - Southwestern Boletaria/Natural Area of Boletaria: This area is primarily untouched by Boletaria's government and street gangs. Therefore, this untamed region is home to a multitude of plants, animals, bandits and monsters.
Districts: Grasslands, Dusk Clearing, Terran Forest, Ticabian Rainforest, Maraian Swamplands, Leaconian Marshlands, Heiran River, Cordeliam Waterfalls, Pontian Shoreline

Stonefang City - Western Boletaria/Boletaria's Mining Town: This western town is the main source of Boletaria domestic resources and the discovery place of the Evolvia and Devolvia jewels. Due to the underground location and depth of the mines, the Covenant of Blood and Children of Lucifer Cults hold rituals in unsuspecting caverns within them. Quelaag has also fashioned a hideout within these caverns, mainly to protect her sickened sister from the outside world. Due to the similarities to the Wild Western cities of the United States, Sheriff Bob feels completely at home within the canyons of this place.
Districts: TBA

Deserted Canyon - Northwestern Boletaria: A barren wasteland where the monster populations are far greater than other areas in Boletaria. These acres of canyons and deserts have made this area uninhabitable for all except for the wildlife and monsters that can thrive in this hostile environment.
Districts: TBA

Frostopolis - Northern Boletaria/Boletaria's Winter Paradise: This snow covered mountain region seems to be home of Boletaria's most popular tourist attraction during the country's winter months. Once someone steps outside of the city's boundaries, monsters that dwell in the arctic climate will be on the prowl for civilians foolish enough to venture towards the snow-coated mountains.
Districts: TBA

Valley of the Giants - Northeastern Boletaria: Originally as a memorial to the Giants that were wiped out during the Second Scourge, nature has reclaimed the area while the rest of Boletaria had begun to redevelop into the country that it is today. Due to the areas lower civilian population however, monster populations have been on the rise to make up for the lack of sentient beings residing in this nearly deserted area aside from guardians who wish to preserve the memory of the giants who were vanquished in this region.
Districts: TBA

Major Location Connectors

Wintalia Freeway (Tramea, Frostopolis, Hana Shihon, Stonefang City and Valley of Fallen Giants)
Milon Freeway (Tramea, Neo-Atlantis, Hana Shihon and Yu Jingcheng)
Shinto Freeway (Tramea, Hana Shihon, Frostopolis, Neo-Atlantis and Valley of Fallen Giants)
Yan’xin Freeway (Tramea, Yu Jingcheng, Hana Shihon, Neo-Atlantis and Valley of Fallen Giants)
Rockside Freeway (Tramea, Stonefang City and Neo-Atlantis)
Dusk Clearing (Gaian Wilderness and Stonefang City)
Heiran River (Gaian Wilderness and Tramea)
Serenity Sea (Gaian Wilderness and Neo-Atlantis)
Forbidden Ravine (Tramea, Deserted Badlands, Frostopolis, and Stonefang City)
Memorial Road (Tramea, Valley of Fallen Giants, Frostopolis, Hana Shihon and Yu Jingcheng)

Significant Locations
Royal Palace - Central Building of the Boletarian Government, residence of the Royal Family of Boletaria and the tallest building in the country.
Capital Tri-Tower - Governmental Center of Boletaria that houses all three branches that governs the city of Tramea and the city's Overseer to ensure that no one branch as a hint of corruption within them. The tower is also considered to be the 5th tallest building in Tramea as well as the 10th tallest building in the country.
Regalian Tower - A tall and large skyscraper that houses a very unique community. The Regalian tower features, various types of hotel rooms, apartment homes, stores, restaurants, lobbies and security checkpoints. Alongside the mainstays, the building features a gym, bathhouse, hot spring, private beach, spa, and nightclub in the tower’s 165 floors. It is also the main residence of both Inuyasha, the building’s head of security, and Sesshoumaru, the building’s owner. The skyscraper is also considered to be the 3rd tallest building of the country.
UMAK Building - The main headquarters for the Boletarian UMAK Stock Exchange staged at the heart of Merchant's Hangout. Players are able to purchase and sell stocks through the terminals inside of the building or through within the terminal's web browser.
Tramea Mall - The largest mall in Tramea that caters to various interests such as clothing, armaments, and cuisine. The mall also has a bathhouse in the basement of the mall and when there are no events underway Darien Long will patrol this mall and CT the player if he/she displays any form of disorderly conduct. Before Long began working in the mall various gang activities have made the mall one of the most dangerous mainstream malls in the world. The mall's reputation has significantly improved ever since Darien Long began working as a security guard there. (Watermelondrea and Sapphire cannot enter the mall due to the CTs Long gave them. Sapphire's CT lasts for a week after his Recruitment Mission while Drea's CT is permanent) * Note: CT stands for Criminal Trespass. *
Yu Gugong - Governmental Center of Yu Jingcheng
Wuye Shichang - This street-side marketplace is similar to that of Hong Kong's Temple Street Night Market. The vendors in the area caters to cuisine and clothing interests and is also home to a handful of festivals and events held in Yu Jingcheng. (Darien Long makes an appearance during the annual events held in this location. Any form of misbehavior committed by the player will get the player CT'd from the Tramea Mall for duration of time.)
Hana Kokyo - Governmental Center of Hana Shihon
Diamond Love Hotel - A love hotel that allows guests the privacy they need to engage in more intimate activities. Offers a pass that allows the player to use a room free of charge
Sakura Ryokan - An inn that is reminiscent of the traditional Japanese inns. It even features a hot spring where the player can relax and participate in Social Events with his/her companions.
Ajisai Ichiba - An elaborate market place that similar to the streets of Edo period Japan. This market caters to clothing, food, and various Japanese-style armaments (Darien Long makes an appearance during the annual events held in this location. Any form of misbehavior committed by the player will get the player CT'd from the Tramea Mall for duration of time.)
Poseidonian Palace - Governmental Center of Neo-Atlantis
B.P.F. Headquarters – The Boletaria Police Force’s main base of operations and the residence of Chief Miralda.
Town Hall - Governmental Center of Stonefang City
Museum of Latria - A museum created for the purpose of describing the history of the Ivory Queen and her ivory tower.
Carianthan Aquarium - A mega aquarium located within Neo-Atlantis.
Yu Miao - A temple within Yu Jingcheng that is known for its architectural elegance and Medieval Chinese interiors.
Sakura Mori - A tourist attraction within Hana Shihon due to the many cherry blossom trees that are located within the outskirts of the city.
Neptune Casino and Resort - One of the many casinos within Neo-Atlantis and the largest hotel and resort in Boletaria. This locale features several mini-games and locales where player and companions can participate in Social Events.
Neptune Restaurant - One of many gourmet restaurants in Boletaria and a part of the Neptune Resort.
Neptune Beach - The largest beach of Boletaria and a part of the Neptune Resort as well as an extension of the Carianthan Aquarium. The ocean in this area is host to a multitude of annual events and activities such as scuba diving, motor-boating, surfing, volleyball, etc. (Darien Long makes an appearance during the annual events held in this location. Any form of misbehavior committed by the player will get the player CT'd from the Tramea Mall for a duration of time)
Boletarian Museum - A museum that has various items and artifacts surrounding several subjects on display. The museum also features a gift store and a gourmet restaurant where players can partake in Social Events with their companions.
Boletaria Forum - The one of the arenas in Boletaria, this stage in Tramea holds plenty of sporting events such as basketball, hockey, sword, and martial arts fights.
Neptune Coliseum - This particular arena in Neo-Atlantis is host to several gladiatorial events and races where the patrons in the casino bet either chips or real money on the choice of who would be the victor of the particular event. All gladiators volunteer to fight in the arena for a lump sum of the bets placed on the event they chose to participate in.
Stonefang Mines - These mines are used to provide the country with various resources such as ores, gemstones, and minerals. These mines also hold the famed Evolvia and Devolvia ores and are the hideout of both Chaos Witch Quelaag and a cult known as the Covenant of Blood.
Twilight Forest - This forest is home to various livestock and monsters. This forest is also the location of various camping and hunting areas as well as the home of bandits who hunt down poachers who dare to defile the environment and livestock within their territory led by Alvina.
Ecliptic Jungle - This forested area is within very close proximity to the Neptune Beach, but is still within the Gaian Wilderness area. Alvina's hunters have claimed half of the jungle as their own and hunt down anyone foolish enough to poach the flora and fauna that reside within their half of the jungle. The other half of the area is home to a colony of naturists who were considered as misfits in the civilized areas and under the protection of Alvina's hunters.
Serenity Beach - This beach that is secluded from the civilized areas of Boletaria and therefore welcome various nudist and sometimes sexual activities that would cause notoriety within the beaches in civilized areas.
Patches's Store - An underground emporium in the suburbs of Tramea where "Trusty" Patches the Hyena sells everything he gathered through looting corpses, stealing possessions owned by the street gangs and even the Boletarian Police Force and even selling replicas of the companions clothing, and armaments through the blueprints they give him if they are Loyal to the player. (All of Patches's merchandise is sold on commission and can be customized cosmetically at the time of purchase.)
Eternal Temptation - One of the most popular nightclubs in Tramea. This particular adult-oriented club lives up to its name by catering to patrons of all sexual preferences although the operations are being watched over by the Children of Lucifer being one of their strongholds.

Recurring Locations (All clothing and equipment stores, as well as vehicle dealerships sell their merchandise on commission, and is therefore cosmetically customizable at the time of purchase)
Boletarian Urban Streetwear: B.U.S. is a casual clothing outfitter that is mainly focused on attire that fit into the overall hip-hop lifestyle.
Athletics Boutique: The Athletics Boutique contains various sports equipment and athletic casualwear for both male and female consumers. Their clothes have multiple variants that provide special defensive augmentations, which make the merchandise of this store unique to those of other wardrobe vendors.
Casual Kingdom: This tailor's merchandise happens to be the most affordable out of all of the other wardrobe merchandisers in Boletaria.
Formality Warehouse: This particular clothing store has the most elegant articles of clothing out of the other tailors. The high price tags of all of the clothes evenly balance their elegance.
NuWear: A very popular clothing store in America that mainly caters their merchandise towards men since 2001. After World War III, NuWear has begun to open several stores within various areas in Boletaria in an opportunity to interact with the citizens of Boletaria directly and online.
Seductive Maiden: This female-oriented clothing store focuses on various undergarments and swimwear for women. Some would even consider this store, as Boletaria's own Victoria's Secret.
On The Wave: A popular beach motif swimwear store in Boletaria. This vendor appears to be the most affordable source of swimwear in Boletaria.
Pop-Rock Bazaar: A casualwear store that has plenty of similarities to the famous clothing boutique, Hot Topic as the store specializes in the sale of pop and rock-culture attire
Disguised Shroud: A clothing store that is focused on selling costumes to their customers, but also have various BDSM gear available to those of legal age (18+). Bloodlion Adult Entertainment is well known for using the costumes manufactured and sold here for their films.
Mexicana Palacio: A fast food vendor that specializes in Mexican cuisine. Some of its more
Hungry Patriot: A fast food vendor that specializes in Northern American cuisine.
Southern Comfort: A fast food vendor that specializes in Southern American cuisine.
Chinmi: A fast food vendor that specializes in Japanese cuisine.
Meishi Shangchang: A fast food vendor that specializes in Chinese cuisine.
Fantisimo: A fast food vendor that specializes in Italian cuisine.
Winter King: A vendor that specializes in frozen treats and drinks that is widely popular with the world's overall populace during the summer months of the year.
Import Emporium: As its name suggests, this dealership specializes in the sale of vehicles imported to Boletaria from various other countries.
Domestic Customs: The sole dealership that offers various Boletarian-made vehicles to their consumers.
Motor Shop: A dealership that exclusively sells motorcycles and ATVs, domestic and otherwise.
Maverick Aircrafts: A special dealer produces VTOLs and a variety of other aerial vehicles and even serves as a garage to repair and customize these airborne vehicles.
Mechs-R-Us: This special dealer offers a variety of Mechs and also provides a garage where you can customize and repair the Mechs owned by the player.
Whip Factory: This garage can repair, customize and upgrade cars, motorbikes, ATVs, trucks and tanks.
Convenience Stores: These stores often sell various goods such as consumables and ammunition, but these vendors also enter all consumers into a special lottery free of charge upon each purchase.
Street Vendors: These vendors that walk the streets of Boletaria offering various goods, but mainly consumable ones.
Zion Armaments: A European-based and the leading manufacturer in weapons and armor in Boletaria. Zion's development is focused on European-based weapons such as straight swords, greatswords, rapiers, shields and the Falchion curved sword, but also offers firearms, staffs, spears, clubs as well as its unique European armor sets.
Masamune Corporation: A Japanese-based arms manufacturer that mainly focuses on the development of Katanas, but also manufactures bows, clubs, daggers, curved greatswords, spears, halberds, staffs, and firearms along with specialized armor sets.
Thompson and Sons: An American-based arms manufacturer that focuses on firearms, but also develops daggers, straight swords, curved swords, rapiers as well as shields and armor sets that focuses on Bullet Defense.
Bingwen and Associates: An Asian and Middle Eastern-based manufacturer that specializes on curved swords, curved greatswords, and firearms. Bingwen also caters halberds, straight swords, clubs, and its specialized Chinese, Asian and Middle Eastern armor sets.
Nthanda Incorporated: An African-based manufacturer that is infamous for its Shotels, the hooked weapons used by a serial killer named Aristokles, the Shadow Knight. Besides the infamous blade, Nthanda also vends straight swords, curved swords, spears, shields and armor sets based on the various civilizations of the African diaspora.
Augmentation Clinics: These clinics are the only legal way to purchase Mana Weapons and the Insignias needed to use them. The clinics also offer Insignia and Mana Weapon upgrades and items that hasten the recharging of drained Insignias.
Church: These churches are mainly available to absolve any Sins the player has committed such as invading another player's world, killing major NPCS, robbing stores, and cheating on an online lobby. The church Bishops there can also teach Miracles to the player and purify any Insignia in their possession in exchange for Souls. (Churches cannot remove CTs from the Tramea Mall received from Darien Long nor the Bounties placed by other players or the government itself)
Boletaria Police Station: These stations are where police officers reside and operate in until they are deployed to an event or crime scene. The player can make a claim for all of their lost Souls inside, if the Police have confiscated them after player’s arrest or death by the hands of a police officer.
Hospital: The hospitals will heal the wounds inflicted upon the player and his/her companions for a price. These hospitals are also re-spawn points when the player dies in the real world in exchange for 10% of the currency the player has in his/her wallet. (All Souls gathered upon the time of death will be located in a stain of blood placed on the area of death)
Fire Department: These departments dispatch fire fighters to respond to several distress calls within the city otherwise they will occupy the stations performing a variety of tasks.

Residences (Each residence has a terminal where characters can Level Up (with a gift from the Maiden in Black), warp to other residences, access their storage and upgrade their equipment and vehicles. Companion-owned residences are unlocked when the owner's Trust Level is High or greater) (Locations is in the form of District, City)
Natts Small Home – Natts, Tramea
Natts Section 8 Apartment – Natts, Tramea
Renton Small Home – Renton, Tramea
Troshaw Bungalow – Troshaw, Tramea
Troshaw Apartment – Troshaw, Tramea
Crusader’s Square Small House – Crusader’s Square, Tramea
Crusader’s Square Large House – Crusader’s Square, Tramea
Crusader’s Square Mansion – Crusader’s Square, Tramea
Rootwood Condo – Rootwood, Tramea
Rootwood Townhome – Rootwood, Tramea
Roodwood Row Home – Rootwood, Tramea
West Rootwood Condo – West Rootwood, Tramea
West Rootwood Home – West Rootwood, Tramea
West Rootwood Apartment – West Rootwood, Tramea
West Rootwood Townhouse – West Rootwood, Tramea
Rootwood Hills Home – Rootwood Hills, Tramea
Rootwood Hills Condo – Rootwood Hills, Tramea
Rootwood Hills Townhouse – Rootwood Hills, Tramea
Downtown Rootwood Apartment – Downtown Rootwood, Tramea
Downtown Rootwood Condo – Downtown Rootwood, Tramea
Downtown Rootwood Penthouse – Downtown Rootwood, Tramea
Regalian Hills Home – Regalian Hills, Tramea
Regalian Hills Mansion – Regalian Hills, Tramea
Regalian Hills Condo – Regalian Hills, Tramea
Diamond Love Hotel Room – Mayonaka no Toshi, Hana Shihon
Diamond Love Penthouse – Mayonaka no Toshi, Hana Shihon
Neptune Luxury Suite – Neptune Resort, Neo-Atlantis
Neptune Fortuna Suite – Neptune Resort, Neo-Atlantis
Neptune Siena Suite – Neptune Resort, Neo-Atlantis
Neptune Lago Suite – Neptune Resort, Neo-Atlantis
Sakura Ryokan Room – Sakura-Machi, Hana Shihon
Crusade Mansion – Crusader’s Square, Tramea
Guild Bunker - Various
Boletaria University Loft – Boletaria University Campus, Tramea
Hana Sukiya-Zukuri
Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's Penthouse – Regalian Hills, Tramea
Kogenta, Gentarou and Rangetsu's Mansion – Rootwood Hills, Tramea
Ariel and Eric's Mansion – Anita del Sol, Neo-Atlantis
Sora and Riku's Condo – Boletaria University Campus, Tramea
Artorias and Sif's Cabin – Terran Forest, Gaian Wilderness
Junjie's House – Rootwood Hills, Tramea
Wong Residence – Zhongxin Didai, Yu Jingcheng
Ornstein's Mansion – Regalian Hills, Tramea
Quelaag's Hideout – Stonefang Mines, Stonefang City
Metas, Alfred and Oolan's Barracks
Satsuki's Danchi – Sakura-Machi, Hana Shihon
Garl and Selen's Apartment – Rootwood, Tramea
Galen's House – Anita del Sol, Neo-Atlantis
Uniko's House – Anita del Sol, Neo-Atlantis
Zhal's House – Anita del Sol, Neo-Atlantis
Onishiba's Neptune Suite – Neptune Resort, Neo-Atlantis
Jake's Apartment – TBA, Stonefang City
Ciaran's Mansion – West Rootwood, Tramea
More Coming Soon...
Shadow Souls - Real World Locations
Hey guys, I wanted to spend some of the last hours of 2013 deciding how the Real World portion of Shadow Souls is going to be laid out. After several weeks of consideration, I've decided that the Real World should be a free roaming environment with a total of 9 cities within one large country in a that can be navigated on foot or by a variety of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, tanks, VTOLs and Mechs. However for this project, I wanted the day and night cycles in this portion of the game world to be an exact match of the day and night cycles in real life. However, if the player character takes a work shift or goes to bed, the time in the game speeds up until the hours specified has expired. At the end of the shift or after the player wakes up, the time in the game returns to its normal cycle. On specific days in a year such as Valentines Day or the Chinese New Year, there will be an event held in a select city in Boletaria where the player has the chance to trigger a Social Event for one companion or the whole guild at once. However, misconduct in these events are ill-advised, because Darien Long will also be in those events in an effort to prevent any incidences that can occur within the duration of the celebration. If you decide to cause any trouble, you WILL be CT'd from the Tramea Mall for a specified amount of time. More locations will be added in the future so stay tuned.

UPDATES: Residences and more Recurring Locations added. Descriptions of the last Main Locations have been added, along with Jake and Ciaran's residences and Patches's Store. Introduced the Districts for Tramea, Neo-Atlantis and the Gaian Wilderness along with new residences in the Tramea area. All known grammatical errors have been corrected. Added Area Connections and Districts for Yu Jingcheng and Hana Shihon. Changed the overall format of all sections, bolded and italicized certain segments in order to separate each section, and added the locations in the Residences Section.

Where's ALPHA-90152?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 24, 2014, 8:52 PM

Hello everyone, I know you're probably thinking why are you not posting stuff on your dA page anymore? My answer to that question is this: I'm currently posted more of my updated stuff on my website. Therefore if you want to find out what I'm doing now, you'll have to stop by my website at to stay updated on my progress. While you're there feel free to click the follow button and follow @o152animations on Twitter if you want even more updates on my work.
See you in the future!

  • Mood: Artistic

Where's ALPHA-90152?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 24, 2014, 8:52 PM

Hello everyone, I know you're probably thinking why are you not posting stuff on your dA page anymore? My answer to that question is this: I'm currently posted more of my updated stuff on my website. Therefore if you want to find out what I'm doing now, you'll have to stop by my website at to stay updated on my progress. While you're there feel free to click the follow button and follow @o152animations on Twitter if you want even more updates on my work.
See you in the future!

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Welcome in the :iconfelicia-fan-club:
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Happy Birthday!!! :cake:
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Happy Birthday!
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Thank you so much. I'm starting to feel better with every birthday wish after what I went through in school so far this semester.
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happy birthday :3 :iconcakeplz:
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